Chairman’s Message

Susan Sullivan

Susan Sullivan Chairman, Chelmsford Conservative Association

Since 2003 chelmsford conservatives have run the City Council. We are a united group of local residents and have made chelmsford one of the best places in which to live, work and play in England.

Why does electing conservatives councillors matter?

The council is well run by a competent and passionate team of councillors. We are debt free and have no borrowings. Our average council tax is just under £200 per home per year or £4 per week per home - the price of one large cappuccino.

We clean your streets, collect and recycle your rubbish, run your award-winning parks, Hylands House, civic theatre, Riverside sports centre, Oaklands Museum, children’s play areas and much more.

National events have put this at risk.

We know you may be tempted to use our election to ‘Give the Tories a Bloody Nose’ but we are not responsible for the confusion in Parliament. Have faith in your Chelmsford Conservatives who have run your council so successfully for many years so we may continue to serve you for another four years.

People may feel about politicians, ‘They are All the Same’, and not vote at all. But that would allow unrepresentative groups who have no experience of running a large and complex organisation, taking over Chelmsford Council.

Our candidates are all local residents who do their best for Chelmsford, so please ignore what goes on elsewhere and Keep Chelmsford Conservative.


Make sure your friends and family know this and that they all VOTE CONSERVATIVE on May 2nd, 2019. Thank you.


Conservative aims for the next four years:

  • To keep Council Tax Low — the City Council has no borrowing & strong reserves

  • Complete the stunning new swimming pool complex and leisure centre at Riverside

  • To transform the old gas works site

  • Modernise Chelmsford Retail Market

  • To continue to support Chelmsford’smany volunteers and charities

  • To work with Essex County Council to complete the restoration of Shire Hall

  • To work with the County Council to provide a third Park & Ride in Widford

  • To work with our MPs to get a new Railway Station at Beaulieu and the North East Chelmsford by-pass built

  • Complete the transformation of Chelmsford Museum & new cafe

  • Help provide more much-needed affordable housing in the City

  • To continue to protect the Green Belt & our villages